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Mississauga: Ontario Real Estate Professionals Governed by Ethical Associations


Mississauga, Ontario: Real Estate Market Appeals to Buyers

If you’re looking to buy property in the GTA, one city stands out from the rest. Mississauga is Canada’s 9thlargest city and borders Toronto to the east and Lake Ontario to the south. With picturesque views, bustling city centres and an extensive transit infrastructure, buying a property in Mississauga is an easy choice. The GTA real estate market is surging, posting double-digit increases against 2016 in Mississauga. Ontario’s real estate is in high demand – whether it be a condominium, town house, semi-detached or detached home. A good real estate agent with local experience will help you find your dream home in Mississauga.


Real Estate Boards and Associations

It is crucial for buyers and sellers to understand the importance of having a REALTOR®promoting your property for sale, or helping you to find your dream house. In a time when most turn to the internet for information, one must ensure they have the best information. It is most certainly a different world when comparing how our parents bought houses! Access to the Internet provides reviews and testimonials, social media access and honest reviews by accredited real estate boards and organizations. Some detailed sites you can look at when selecting a real estate agent for a Mississauga property include:



·       Canadian Real Estate Association – More than 100,000 real estate agents, brokers and REALTORS®are members of this organization. They work through 100 different boards and associations across Canada. They represent the interests of its members to the Canadian federal government on legislation (present or future,) that will impact their capacity in the industry. They also create and implement national ethical standards in order to serve clients in the best way possible in cities like Mississauga; Ontario and other provinces also have their own boards and associations. The CREA maintains websites like, which gives the public access to many property listings REALTORS®represent.

·       Real Estate Council of Ontario – This organization helps to regulate the real estate professionals on behalf of the Ontario government. They work in the interest of the public, protecting interests and keeping buyers and sellers informed. A great tool on their website is an extensive search engine in which you can search for real estate professionals. For example, you can search by location (Mississauga, Ontario) and real estate professionals in that area will pop up. The site goes further to provide information in regards to any complaints or actions against the real estate professional in compliance with the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (2002.) It is a great place for Ontarians to start their search.

·       Mississauga Real Estate Board – On different municipal levels, the MREB provides a voice forREALTOR® members with respect to government policy. Board members live and work in Mississauga. Ontario real estate agents know of the GTA market of course! But choosing a MREB REALTOR®is more like choosing a neighbour to help represent your needs when buying or selling homes.

Choose Local!
Searching a real estate professional from a local GTA firm can be done through any one of these reputable sites. JN Asensio is one Mississauga brokerage who understands the ebbs and flows of the community. You can get a sense of an agency’s community involvement through searching them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Honest reviews are left on these pages, and often times you can reach out and message another user to get more direct feedback through private messaging. When looking to buy or sell property in Mississauga, Ontario, choose one that is a member of one or all of the above boards and you are sure to have the best experienced person representing your needs!